Firestars' Quest

Created by Famous Author Erin Hunter

The Genre

I'd say the genre of this book would most likely be action/adventure.

Firestar- What to know about him!

Firestar is the main character of the book and has many problems. His mate threatening his love to her. Plus the fact of his ancestors never replying to his requests. But the worst is having the responsibility to rebuild the long lost clan of ages, SkyClan.

How he solves,well, some of his problems

Firestar solves 2 of his problems. He finds kitteypets, or cats owned by people or to him, twolegs, to rebuild the long lost SkyClan. He said to the other cats that he is building a clan and then he found the cats are ancestors of the lost clan. He solves the problem of his mate by spending time with her and Spottedleaf tells her, an ancestor that Firestar loved, that they couldn't have been mates and they never knew each other enough.

My favorite part... and why I recommend the book.

My favorite part of the book is when Firestar recruits new members using rogues and kittypets. I like this because he gives them new names which are cool. This book is good for long readers and cat lovers or someone just looking for a new book to read.


Discover how the lost clan manages themselves and if a group of kittypets can be the ancestors and decendants of the old and legendary SkyClan. Find this great book in your local library!

Now lets get deeper into why you should read this book...


This book is great because of length, improving a readers reading skills and teaching them new words. This book can also develop creative writers because of the creative words in the book. New writers will know new words and better layouts.


This book is great and can't get any better! But the rats are vicious and evil. They tear apart what they please. They make their enemies plead for mercy! They kill cats for entertainment. They are the cats' worst enemy.


Two cats go out from ThunderClan to rebuild the lost clan of the ages, SkyClan, and find it to be easier said than done. They must deal with kittypets who may turn out to be more than just some annoying furballs. In fact, most of the cats living their have relation with the Clan of ages. They jump higher than any other cat, and run fast as WindClan. So Firestar and Sandstorm find this a bit easier, but some challenges wait ahead. What happens to this newly built Clan, and can they face the deathly challenges ahead?