MCS Technology Bond News

Bond projects to date and future plans

Bond Projects as of February 2016

District Phone System & Building Public Address System

A new phone system was installed during December of 2014 which included required e911 location services. Public Address systems were also upgraded across the district including the installation of new speakers in some locations.

Voice and Data Cabling

Voice and Data cabling was added or upgraded during the Summer of 2015 in many areas of the district that had old, outdated or no longer functioning outlets.

Classroom Multi-Media

Classroom Multi-Media was installed during the Summer of 2015 at Klager Elementary. New upgrades include a ceiling mounted projector, projection screen, video cabling, video switching devices and document camera to each instructional space. AV upgrades were also made to the district board room and conference room space at the Ackerson Administration building. Similar classroom upgrades will take place at the Middle and HIgh School buildings during the Summer of 2016.

A technology committee composed of a variety of staff and community members are working on defining the scope for the following projects which plan to take place during the Summer of 2016.

Staff Workstations

Staff workstations will be replaced at the High School.

Student Devices

Student mobile devices will be replaced throughout the district.

Video Surveillance & Door Access Control Systems

Select existing surveillance cameras will be replaced and additional cameras will be added throughout the district. The High School will also receive a new secure entrance added which will route visitors through the main office before entering the building. Other select doors throughout the district will also be receiving upgrades including controlled and monitored entrances to prevent unauthorized building access to visitors.

Future Work

Upgrade Network Electronics - Summer 2017