Bodies Exhibit: The Nervous System

The core of all your organ systems.

Structure of the Nervous System

The brain is the head of the nervous system. The sections that make up the brain are the lobes of the brain- the frontal lobe, occipital lobe, parietal lobe, and the temporal lobe- the pons, Medulla Oblongata, and cerebellum. The spinal chord and nerves are important to anatomy of the brain and the entire body.

Major Functions of The Nervous System

You've known about the five senses since you were in kindergarten but, did you know that your nervous system controlled them? Your nervous system controls the big things and the little things that you don't even have to think or focus on doing. Your nervous system controls activities like breathing, digestion, sweating, shivering. The sympathetic nerves control sudden stress and causes the body to carry blood to the places that need it, on the contrary the parasympathetic nerves prepare the body for rest.

Diseases that affect the Nervous System

How the nervous System woks with other systems

Can you live without it?

No other organ system can work without the other! The nervous system is the core of all the others. Without it than all the other systems would not work because the nervous system tells the muscles in you lungs to move in order to make you breathe, the nervous system tells the pituitary gland to start sending hormones into the body in order for you to grow. The nervous system is the boss of all other systems! You would not be living if it weren't for your nervous system.

In conclusion

Your body has separate systems with different jobs but your nervous system powers and keeps your body working.

Fun Facts!

Nerves communicate with each other. They use electrical waves to tell another part of the body what to do.

Nerves are in the brain and nerve fibers are spread from the brain and into the body.

Bugs use the nervous system to hack into the brain and create zombies to either let the parasites live in their bodies, protect their larvae, and even transportation and just food.

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