Nathen, Alex


Over many years there have been multiple advancements in the construction of houses and buildings. In this century most buildings are constructed with steel, windows, and paint. Before those products were available most buildings were built out of wood or clay. Windows were not common and it was hard to make them tinted. Natural resources were a more typical source for construction because you could usually grow the resources and have a plentiful supply. But due to advancements in society clay building turned to concrete building lined with steel and houses became more rigid with by building a wood frame

Comparison Between Chemically Engineered and Natural Material

Steel is good for building tall structures like offices or skyscrapers, but wood is commonly used in building the structure of a house or used for wood floors. chemically engineered materials can be more useful because they can sometimes last longer, natural materials like wood are easier to get because it comes from trees and you can just grow more trees. Chemically made products and natural products both have their pro's and con's, but they are both used for specific things in structures.