Miner Minutes

June 12, 2016

School is out for summer!

A few facility updates for our entire staff... the entire school's AC system will be replaced, starting on Monday. Please send cool thoughts our way! We are unsure how long it will take to complete. Also, we have 2 summer programs taking place at our school in the month of June: ASPIRE and Summer Bridge. And most importantly, please remember we are on "summer-time" of 4 day weeks 7am-5pm. The building will be closed Friday-Sunday.

Academic Performance of our Students - June 2016

As many of you have seen in our staff emails, we have several improvements to celebrate at first glance with our student performance data. But we will not know anything about school and grade level EVAAS growth until later this summer, and then teacher growth will be released in October. But we did want to be sure everyone is clear on a summarized version of information regarding proficiency (and please remember that while we also give 6 NCFE tests and a Spanish final exam, none of that "counts" for state level student performance measures):

Out of our 8 EOGs/EOCs, our student proficient increased in 4 tests and decreased (but not by much) in 4 tests. Overall, as shared by Dr. Van Heukelum, we went UP 2.6% in proficiency, while the middle school average in the district was only 1.2% proficiency points increase, which we can safely say we "doubled the district average!" Please take a moment to soak that in!

CCS Summer Professional Development Institute - Aug 17-19


Math teachers: capped and required all 3 days

Welcome to Ms. Vesey, our admin intern!

Ms. Vesey is officially joining us on August 15 for the 2015-2016 school year as an administrative intern. But she will be here periodically this summer. Ms. Vesey has taught 5 years at Wolf Meadow Elementary in 3rd and 2nd grades. She has served in various leadership roles. She received her BA in Elementary Ed from UNCC. Her office will be located in the main office, and she will fulfill a variety of administrative responsibilities. We are thrilled to welcome her to our team! (And her name is pronounced like V-Z - as in the letters of the alphabet).

NC Teacher Working Conditions Survey Results

These results for all schools in the state of NC are officially available. You are welcome to look at our results for Concord Middle, but please know we will be taking time to analyze them in August, too!


Grants available for YOU

The Cabarrus County Education Foundation (CCEF) is excited to kick off the 2016-2017 Classroom Mini-Grant Program. With summer starting soon, we want to make the teachers aware of the grants so they can be thinking through the summer of possible grant ideas they might be interested in submitting for consideration.

Grants are awarded to teachers annually for up to $500 for classroom projects that identify special opportunities encompassing innovation, creativity, sustainability, and alignment with Cabarrus County School goals and curriculum standards. Some of this year’s recipients created an outdoor learning lab, explored Chinese paper cutting, held staff development training, built robotics into their curriculum, introduced stability balls, and even held a Resume Day that brought companies in to meet with students not attending college. Being new, I am amazed as the final reports have been coming in from this year to hear of all the innovative and creative ways our teachers are reaching students.

The Classroom Mini-Grant application is attached and will be due by October 11, 2016. It is also available on our website at www.ccefnc.org.

Dates to Remember

August 17-19: CCS PD Institute (math teachers capped all 3 days)

August 17: First workday for teachers (will let you know if capped or uncapped ASAP)

August 24: CMS Open House (all staff required to attend) 430-630

August 29: first day of school for students

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