black beareds ship

the excavation

his life

  • No one knows when he was born most people believe he was from England .
  • He met a man named Benjamen Horingold that is when he became a pirate .
  • In 1718 he was killed.
  • to scare people he lit his beard on fire and attack the ship .
  • He stole money from the NC governor

His time period

  • In the excavation if any thing is over the year 1718 they know it was not Black beards .
  • In his time he travailed by ship his ship was called the Queen anne revenge.
  • In his time weapons were swords

the ship

  • He stole the ship in 1717 and renamed it the queen anne revenge.
  • In 1718 he set up a blockaid at the coast of NC.

why archaeologist want to excavate the ship

  • They want to release news to the public to inform them how he lived in the 1700's .
  • They want to learn more about black beard .
  • The hardest part about the excavation is handling the artifacts because there are hundreds of years old and they are very breakable
Jonathan Bird's Blue World: Blackbeard's Shipwreck

what they can learn

  • They can learn how old the ship is.
  • They can learn where a canon came from.
  • They can learn how he lived.
  • We can learn so much so please donate