Davis Staff Friday Flyer

Deep in the Heart of Davis

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Grant Winner!!!

Hard work pays off! Tiffany's grant proposal was accepted and now all of the students at Davis get the benefits of learning with real guitars. Congrats to Tiffany.


November 21-25 Thanksgiving Break

November 30-December 2 Fifth Graders to Collin County Adventure Camp

December 8th (Thursday) Bedtime Story Night 6:30-7:30pm...Pajama Day

December 15 (Thursday) Winter Parties

Kindergarten: 9:00

1st Grade: 10:30

2nd Grade: 1:00

3rd Grade: 12:15

4th Grade: 1:30

5th Grade 1:30

December 16 (Friday) Early Release Day- Students Dismiss at 12:00

December 19- January 2 Winter Break

January 2 (Monday) Teachers Return

January 3 (Tuesday) Students return to school

January 16 (Monday) Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday No School

February 14 (Tuesday) Valentine's Day Parties- Schedule to come!

February 20 (Monday) Presidents' Day Holiday for students/ Teacher Learning Day

March 2 (Thursday) Open House 6:00-7:30 PM

March 6-10 Spring Break- No School

Spotlight on Professional Learning

These are a couple of resources that I learned about this week. They are developed by TEA and have some really good resources. Check them out. You may find something useful.



Happy Birthday to you!!!

October Birthdays

Melany Miranda-Granda 3rd

Heather Karazsia 7th

Bunny Jones 9th

Melissa DeBuigny 14th

Farah Alasaad 18th

Peggy Lohr 21st

Anne 22nd

November Birthdays

Ana Giles 4th

Regina Moore 6th

Danielle Palomo 15th

Christy Guillen 16th

Angie McGee 19th

Allyson Ochsner 21st

Sandra Perez 22nd

Kristin Bishop 22nd

Tina Vaguine 23rd

Cristina Banaban 27th

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find new apps and web tools for my learners?


Plano ISD tech blog


How do I access the building on the weekends?

Contact Brenda Terenas or Jan West

I need to know how to request a day off/access the copy machine/send a fax.

The staff handbook is located at: https://docs.google.com/a/pisd.edu/document/d/1NRqWSqHZJ8cJ5w1Ck29DxImlK04MijfIdlnOd_8sUmo/edit?usp=sharing