Tangerine, Florida

By: Dat Nguyen

What's New?

*Paul stares at the sun during an eclipse unprotected.

*Paul and his family move to Tangerine, Florida.

*Lightning hits the muck fires.

*Paul and his mom learn that muck fires do not go out.
*Erik joins the football team.

*Paul thinks about how his family coming into Tangerine will change many things.

*Paul goes to his new school.

*Paul joins the soccer team.

*Paul Fisher and Joey Costello become friends.

*Mike Costello dies.

Erik Fisher Football Dream

The difference between them is that Erik steals all the attention where ever he is. While Paul does not get any attention when Erik is with him. Paul is always thought to be legally blind since he had stared at the sun in an eclipse but he is not, while on the other hand Erik is not legally blind and did not stare at the sun during an eclipse throughout his life. What they have the same is that they both play sports in their life. Erik had once played soccer but now he plays football while Paul plays soccer.

Tragedy Strikes

Help others out!

Join the NG pink out!

Join North Gwinnett pink out at the high school! Just bring your own pink clothing or just buy one from NGMS's website! This will help create cancer awareness for those innocent individuals the life-threatening virus has struck. Please pay one dollar at the pink out game!

*Note: The pink out will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the high school and end at 9:30 p.m. on October 16

Everything is a lie...

He wasn't blinded by the sun...