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You know how you blink and suddenly a big chunk of time has passed? It's already May! The school year is speeding by and the end is around the corner. It has all happened at a break-neck speed. Casey has been hopping, keeping things moving around campus. His job has been mentally challenging as he has to remember so much and keep so many things in order. He will have a lot of responsibility this summer during traditional "time off" as Dalat finishes up one building and gets ready to break ground on another one. Sharon has really enjoyed teaching this year--and has had to remain flexible as she juggles middle school and high school classes. Middle School students energize her while high school students challenge her. She loves having both levels. Next year she is going to have quite a few classes out of her comfort zone at the high school level and it will be a tough year. This is because there is a curriculum change so she has to teach some classes she hasn't taught and won't usually teach. Ryan is almost a high-school student! He has enjoyed basketball, photography, and boy scouts. He is looking forward to the challenges of high school. Niko has really thrived here, making some good friends and he really loves this place. He loves having a library on campus and devours books. Chase has adapted well too. He has lots of friends and is getting stronger at reading, which was the challenge that had him redo kindergarten this year. We are entering the hectic days of recitals, concerts, dramas, exams, and graduation. We are looking forward to the change in schedule that summer will bring!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for us to have good health and strength to finish out the semester.
  • Pray for us to get some rest this summer in the midst of work this summer and some travel (Sharon will go to speak at two ACSI workshops in Indonesia in July).
  • Pray for a student who meets with Sharon weekly and wants to learn more about God and faith. She has so many challenging questions! Pray that God will open her eyes to who He is.
  • Pray for our small Thai fellowship that meets Sunday afternoon. Recently the meetings have not been very regular, while the members are facing lots of stressful situations. Pray for their faith and for strength to deal with their respective situations.


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