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September 30, 2020

Hot Lunch

We are going to offer a Pizza Day on Friday, October 9th. Krista will send more information and it will be pre-order only. It's $1.50 a slice and you can order up to 2 slices. We will offer a piece of fruit with the pizza. The pizza will come from Original Pizza. You order Pizza through Sycamore. On Friday, October 30th, we will have Chick-fil-A! Check your email from Krista!

More Information about Quarantining a Class

Several questions have arisen about quarantine procedures when and if a student or teacher tests positive. The not very satisfactory answer is that it depends. First, we would contact the Jackson County health department and follow their advice. Their advice will also depend on how much information we can give them for contact tracing. In our K-5 classrooms, in all likelihood, a positive test would result in a quarantine of the entire class. Because, even though we wear masks, at recess and lunch it is harder to maintain that 6 foot distance.

In middle school, it's a little more complicated. The students sit in the same "pod" for each class, so it's possible, depending on their behaviors at other times of the day, that only the students in close proximity to the positive student would have to quarantine. However, if you have ever observed our middle school, at times like dismissal, it is harder to enforce that 6 foot rule. The 15 minute rule is also important. If you are within six feet of a student who is positive for MORE than 15 minutes, you would have to quarantine. If you were less than 6 feet for less than 15 minutes, you MAY have to quarantine. So, it's not easy. To be safe, we would probably have to quarantine the entire class for 14 days (including weekends). But, again that depends on whether our students had close contact with a positive individual within 48 hours of that individual showing symptoms. And, as soon as I've said this, the guidelines will change. SO, bear with us and have patience and pray.

Advice from Jackson County Health Department

Fighting COVID-19 Caution Fatigue

You’ve been hearing the same messages since March, and now it’s September. You’re stir crazy and desensitized to COVID-19 news. Does this sound like you? It’s likely that you’re experiencing caution fatigue, which could lead to relaxing on safety precautions. However, the pandemic is still going on, and it’s important that we fight this fatigue and remain diligent in our efforts to keep each other safe.

Face Reality

With threats we can’t physically see, it can be tempting to think it’s not real or it won’t happen to us. However, science shows that’s not the case — COVID-19 is very real and it can affect anyone.

Avoid confirmatory bias, which happens when you surround yourself with people who agree with you and ignore different perspectives. It can be tempting to look at other people’s social media feeds and think, “They’re going out, I should be able to as well.” It’s important to look to health experts instead of your timeline when weighing risks, though. Right now, we know it’s important to still be taking precautions, even if it’s difficult.

Find Ways to Cope

If you’re feeling the fatigue, take control of what you can. Learn some new coping skills such as:

  • Exercise: Whether it’s a walk around the block or a full cardio routine, exercise is a great way to get out some pent-up energy and release endorphins.
  • Talk: Phone a friend, chat with your partner, or go to a therapy session and work through what you’re feeling.
  • Self Care: View our self-care tips here and here to learn more!

Note that if you are feeling depressed or anxious, it’s important to get help from a mental health professional.

Take a News Break

It’s helpful to understand what’s going on, but it’s important to maintain a balance. Too much COVID-19 news can desensitize us to what's happening. Choose a few trusted news sources and stick to those for the facts. It’s okay to take a break from the rest.

Make it Easy

The easier you make things on yourself, the more likely you are to do them. So don’t make it complicated! Put a mask and hand sanitizer within easy reach: by the door, in your car, in your purse, etc.

Then, practice! The more you practice these precautions, the more they’ll start to turn into habits.

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Book Fair

Our book fair is virtual this year. The link OPENS on Friday, October 2nd, and goes until October 15th. Proceeds from the fair benefit the library!

Monster Boxes

We are collecting candy for our Drive By Trunk or Treat. Each classroom will have a monster box for donations of individually wrapped candy. This candy will be distributed to the parents hosting a trunk for trunk or treat.

There will be some prizes for the class that has the most donations per capita! Please remember as you are donating candy that we will have some allergy free options for candy that includes Smarties, Starbursts, Dum Dums, Skittles.

H&SA is hosting a drive by Trunk or Treat on Friday, October 30th, from 5-7. Parents who want to host a trunk can sign up via a sign up genius.

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