Archetype mini project

By: Clayton J, Niko T

The suitor

The suitor: Oliver Queen

Description: He is a man who was trapped on a island and had to literaly fight for his life. He was marooned on the island after his boat sank and his girlfriends sister was on the boat with him "died". He killed people and tried to stop evil generals on the island. He is rescued and when he returnes to the city, he becomes a vigilante who fights crime in the city. But when he fights for the city his longtime love hates him for taking his sister and then his sister comes back.

Archetype explination:Oliver Queen is always trying to get and find the perfect girl but can never find her but he is in love with his old love who doesent like him anymore. He always tries to get the perfect girl but every girl ends up trying to kill him or leaves.

Arrow 2x14 - Laurel And Oliver in the Hallway

Misunderstood Villain

Description: Buddy is a young boy with an obsession for Mr. Incredables who went to press conferences and attempted to get into his car. Buddy's room is also filled with posters of the superhero.

Archetype: Buddy, better known as Syndrome is a missunderstood villian because his childhood idol Mr. Incredible kicked him out of the car and got him arrested and the buddys whole world fell apart and killed all superheroes just because of what one hero did to him. Syndrome then try's to kill Mr. Incredibles whole family. They survive and then they are taken captive but they escape and kill the super villain

Buddy Pine and Mr. Incredible's wild ride

The minipulator

Eric Cartman is a character in South Park who takes advantages of some of the other characters to get what he wants and makes them help him. In many of the episodes he makes people believe him and follow him to get what he wants done. For example in one of the episodes he makes his friends help him create a crack baby basketball league and make a them thing they are helping the babies. Eric is a very selfish character and does things only for himself or profit. A lot of times he takes advantage of a character named butters because he is very gullible.