Topic list for EFT Dojo

Week 1: Steer for Safety

Safety Starters:

Request for Attunement Feedback; Pledge of Balance; Motivation Destination

Safety Maneuvers:

Interrupting; Slowing Down; Directing Back; Staying; Reflect/Validate/Attachment

Week 2. Stay on the Attachment Track

Dodging Content; Selective Reflection; Paint a Picture of Security

Week 3. Provide Relentless Empathy and Validation

No progress too small; Slice it thinner; Check your own raw spots

Week 4. Move Inside and Stay in NOW

Move from Blame (focus on the other) to Inner Experience (focus on the self)

Week 5. Track and Reflect Present Process {Move 1 of the EFT Tango}

Accentuate the Positive; Say it with Metaphors; Part it Out

Weel 6. Track and Reflect the Cycle

Phrases for All Five Levels: behavior; perception; reactive emotion; primary emotion; attachment

Weel 7. Invite and Deepen Emotion {Move 2 of the EFT Tango}

Monitor the Level of Emotional Experiencing; Practicing Gravity: Scaffolding

Week 8. Put it in the Cycle

Tracking Questions to Map out the Cycle; More Metaphors; Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Week 9. Create Enactments {Move 3 of the EFT Tango}

Stage 1 Enactment Differences; Prep Work; Dealing with Balks; Hanging in There

The Care and Feeding of a Spontaneous Enactment

Week 10. Process Enactments {Move 4 of the EFT Tango}

Validate Reactions; Process Blocks; Slow Them Down; Formulate the (New) Experience

Week 11.Summarize the New Interaction Process {Move 5 of the EFT Tango}

Even 5 Seconds on the New Path is Good; Validate the Progress; Get Ready to Start Again

Week 12. Verify De-escalation and Move to Stage 2