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Ending 2021 as 'Koality' Engineers

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Everyday is a GREAT day to be a KOALA!

STEM Lab Excitement

Casias class following Algorithms

Second Quarter Review - CODING!

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  • Coding Goals for Students:
  • Identify and address bugs or errors in sequenced instructions
  • Break down a long sequence of instructions into the largest repeatable sequence.
  • Predict where a program will fail.
  • Differentiate between commands that need to be repeated in loops and commands that should be used on their own.
  • Create an interactive computer program that expresses who they are with text and custom images.
  • Here are some additional games you can play with your child to further their coding skills. Choose from a dance party, Minecraft and more!

    Student Spotlight:

    2nd & 3rd grade - Room on the Broom Challenge - Most Innovative Projects!

    The challenge was to design and construct a "broom" made out of 8 straws and 1 meter of tape to hold as many candy pumpkins as possible. The catch was that it had to be at least 2 inches off of the table. How did they do it???

    Looking Forward into 2022

    We will soon be starting our Engineering Strands which are grade specific!!!

    Kindergarten & first grade - Environmental Engineering

    Second & Third Grade - Aerospace Engineering

    Fourth & Fifth - Cybersecurity and Computer Engineering

    If you work in one of these fields and would like to share materials or ideas please contact Mrs. Maldonado! We would also love to visit with Engineering professionals as a class!

    STEM after school activities

    STEAM TEAM - 3rd grade

    The STEAM team is a group of 3rd graders whose goal is to build a Rube Goldberg machine. A Rube Goldberg machine is a machine that completes an easy task in a very complicated way. The goal of these Rube Goldberg machines was to pop a balloon and these students met the goal by focusing on problem solving and teamwork. Good Job!!!

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