Having A Good Friend Is Important

cole rollins, 1-2

Analysis of the Development of Theme

Max and Freak had a very interesting characterization in "Freak the Mighty". As long as many trials throughout there life. They were both there for each other whenever something was going wrong or anything. I mean the problems they were in were unreal. Like, down in an abandoned house in the middle of the winter, running through a pond that the mud goes ankle high and makes it so you can't move, and a lot more. That's why they were best friends. I mean think about it, getting kidnapped on Christmas and then having your best friend come and save you, i mean, imagine if you didn't have a good friend like Freak was to Max, then what would you do? Not only that too, Freak taught max how to read and a bunch of words from the dictionary and taught him how to be brave. Not everybody has a friend like max does. So having a good friend is very important. And if you have a good friend or a best friend, take advantage of that.

Reflection and Application of Theme

The theme is very important. Having a good friend is something that we should all have. I think the author showed the theme very well throughout the whole book. I think the author showed it well by Freak and Max working together throughout the whole book. The one thing I think is nice about this book and about the theme, is that it's realistic. I mean people are having the same problems that Freak and Max are having. One of them that is pretty close to the problems that Max and Freak are having, is bullying. So I think it's great how the author's theme connected with life right now. This theme makes me think of all the good friends that I have that are kind of like Freak in the book.

Visual Representations of Theme


In the book "Freak the Mighty" it all started with just a little midget kid moving in. That's when Max's life changed completely. Next thing you know their best friends and there getting into all sorts of problems. Max loved it, waking up and hanging out with Freak on his shoulders and there just having a great time. Which is good for the both of them. Neither one of their lives were easy. They both had something wrong, like with freak having growing problems and Max having Killer Kane as his dad, as well as a learning disability. Nothing came easy for either of them. That's why with them, being the best-est friends, they helped each other through out those hard problems and kept on going. That's why having a friend is important, and it would only be better to have a friend like Freak. That's why friends are important to have in life.


Rodman Philbrick. He is an American writer who was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He writes books for adults and children. He was married to a women named Lynn Harnett, before she passed away in 2012. Rodman, is currently living in two places, Maine, and Florida. He is still alive today and is continuing to write books and novels including ''Freak the Mighty''