Room 110 News

January 17, 2015

Dear Families:

I am always amazed at the growth first graders make from December to January. Your kids are ready to make leaps in their learning. I hope you have been noticing it at home too.

You may have noticed that the math has been "revving up" as well. We have started Module 3: Measurement and Data, but we are continuously reviewing our "Make A Ten" Addition strategy, and "Take From Ten" subtraction strategy. We are also applying all of our mathematical strategies and skills to solving word problems using the "Read, Draw, Write Method" so that students are showing their thinking on paper.

With the new standards and an engaging curriculum, your students are explaining and doing some pretty complex things in math. I know that some of the wording on the homework might be confusing, if there is ever an issue, please don't worry we can review it in class. As always, I want homework to be an enjoyable experience for families.

The OPTIONAL challenge "Math SuperStars" has been offered twice so far. The kids seem really excited about it! It goes home on Wednesdays and is collected on Tuesdays. The children are responsible for taking it home and returning it the following week.


We will have our special lunch in the classroom on Friday, January 23rd! Please plan to bring your lunch or get school lunch that day. I will bring a treat to share with the kids! Kids may bring a snack to share with the other challenge participants if they would like.

Just so you know, some of your students' toys have been sneaking into their backpacks and coming to school. Though cuddly, cute, and fun--toys are not allowed at school. We've had a few tears over missing Beanie Boos and Pokemon Cards. Please keep all toys at home!

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at:

Thank you,
Susanne Reed

In Class...

Reader's Workshop--Learning Non-Fiction Text Features and how to read Non-Fiction books
Writer's Workshop--Writing Non-Fiction teaching books
Math--Measuring with centimeters, Word Problems, Addition/Subtraction fluency 0-20
Spelling/Word Study-- R controlled vowels: ar, ir, er, ur and compound words
Social Studies-- Life and Times of MLK jr, Asian New Year
Science-- The Water Cycle

Classroom Wish List

** Drop in Volunteers to help organize our classroom library are needed. Feel free to come by any time and sort books by level and genre! Thank you!

Upcoming Events...

No School --MLK jr Day
1/26 No School--Staff Development Day
Art Night @6:30pm in the Cafetorium
2/13 No School
No School
3/17 Field Trip to Asian Art Museum, SF
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