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Physical Features of Brazil

Located in Brazil there is an astonishing rain forest called the Amazon Rain forest. In this dense rain forest you can find many different creatures. For example you can find mammals like jaguars and sloths. You can also find amphibians like the poison dart frog. You can also go to the astonishing Iguacu Falls. These falls are located on the border of Argentina and Brazil. It is what separates the upper and lower parts of the Iguaçu. Many of the falls are located in Argentina but most of the rivers leading to it are located in Brazil. You can also go to the flowing Amazon River. There are also many different animals you can find in this river. You can spot a piranha lurking in the river. You can also try to seek an anaconda or even a pink dolphin. A city that sits next to this is Rio de Janeiro. This is because it is not a physical feature itself but it sits next to one. This city sits next to Guanabara Bay. A physical feature I would want to go to in Brazil is the Amazon River Basin. It would be cool to because you would be able to see so many different animals that you wouldn't always see in your back yard. Maybe even some exotic birds.

Mexico Government

Mexico's current leader is Enrique Pena Nieto. He is currently the 57th president of Mexico. The length of his term is a regular six years. In the U.S. the president can have only two four terms. A problem is that Mexico has poor farmers that can't make any money because of NAFTA. The government currently is not doing anything about these farmers and is just raising their people in poverty line. The type of government they have is a democracy. To be specific they have a presidential democracy. The system they have is a federal system. This is when the central government and the local government share the government and the power in between it.

Brazil Government

Brazil's current leader is Dilma Roussef. She is the president of the country of Brazil. She is the 36th president of Brazil. She is also the first women to hold office. The length of her term is a regular four years just like the United States. The type of government they have is Federal. They also have a Democratic government. A problem with their government is that they had raised their inflation rate to 9.56 percent. That is a high in different prices for goods. There unemployment rate is now a 7.5 percent this year.

Venezuela Economy

In Venezuela there top trading partners are the United States, India, and China. There export goods are petroleum, different chemicals, agriculture and also basic manufactures. There #1 export is oil for other countries. There #1 import though is agricultural products. There literacy rate is actually 96.3%. This is one of the most high literacy rates in the world.

Cuba's Government

Cuba has a really corrupt government. They have a autocracy and within it a dictatorship. An autocracy is a type of government that has one person in total rule of his/her government. Some dictators have their people call them president. This is because calling them dictator sounds a little cruel and think it is better just to call them president. The Cuban dictator right now is Raul Castro. A term for a dictator is for life. It usually comes from military force or just a change in the government. A current issue with this government is limited human rights. I think if you live in a country you should be able to at least have some participation.