PowerSchool End of the Year Meeting

May 6th 8:00am-12pm Kayhi Room 234

Agenda - Part 1

  • Aesop Reports
  • Reconciling an Absence
  • New Improved Campus User Facelift
  • Preferred Subs/ Favorite subs
  • Feedback
  • Year in review...

Agenda- Part 2 -- We have the Power!

  1. Online Payment System - Looking at a new vender
  2. Sign parents up for PowerSchool (40% of parents currently have accounts!)
  3. SBA Scores Input
  4. PowerSchool House Keeping: Exit Dates, Exit Comments, KGBSD Registration Error Page, Parent Permission Forms, Oasis Number on Registration forms.
  5. Grade Drop Date?
  6. What is coming in PowerSchool 8.0
  7. ASIS - Tips and Tricks of using the AK Registration system.

End of the Year

  • Preregistration of Students
  • Transferring students up (Kayhi, Schoenbar) - What file clean up needs to be done
  • End of the Year Checklist - We will go over this process in detail.
  • Turning Off Parent Portal
  • Questions/ Comments

Look forward to seeing you!


Thank You

It has been another incredible year. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to your job, and schools. Without your hard work schools would be a very different place. We understand how difficult it is for you to be out of the office, and appreciate your attendance at our meetings.