Vietnam Assignment

By Isabel Cervantes & Gabby Perez

"Facing It"

As the man visits the Vietnam veterans Memorial, he comes across thousands of names from the innocent people who died. He looks at many names but the one that stood out the most was Andrew Johnson. As he looked at this name he pictured him and how he died a tragic death.
"I go down the 58,022 names, half-expecting to find my own in letters like smoke"( 14-15). His name could have easily been on the wall representing his death. He survived and the only memory he has left from his close friends is that wall. As he visits the wall, he gets many memories from the time he served in Vietnam.
The author in this poem is trying to explain to us how dangerous the war was and how many died trying to fight for us. The war impacts not only the soldiers but also there families. The war effects the soldiers because they have to go everyday remembering how there friends were shot and left to die. Some soldiers would come home and have PTSD from all the stress and hard times they had to endure.
The video shows how the soldiers who came back from Vietnam suffer from PTSD, but don't get the help they need and aren't treated. When the soldiers come home, it is hard for them to live a normal life again with their family and friends due to the tragic events they had witnessed.
Big image
The picture above shows how the soldiers have to help each out when someone gets shot and take them to a safe a place so they can help. The picture shows how dangerous and tragic the war can get.

"The Man I Killed"

Summary of "The Man I Killed"

In the beginning of this chapter the narrator describes the man that he killed. He talk about how he looked while laying on the floor, He talks about what he wore and how he only had one shoe on because the other one had been blown off. It is hard for the narrator to except the fact that he killed a man.
"And for years, despite his family's poverty, the man I killed would have been determined to continue his education in mathematics". This quote is important to the passage because the man he killed didn't really want to be in the army, his dream was to be a math teacher helping students. He will never be able to reach his dream anymore because he is dead.
The author is to explain to the readers that it is hard for someone to kill someone and just move on. Even if they don't know the person they killed they still have that guilt. Being war means you will eventually kill someone and might even see them laying right next to you. You will have to go on with your life knowing that you shot someone, who may not have deserved to die so young.
Raw Vietnam Combat Footage
This video shows actual footage from the war. It gives us a good idea of what was going on, and the sacrifices the soldiers had to make. Some of the soldiers did not want to be a soldier but ended up fighting in the war and died. Their lives are gone, but they are always remembered.
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While the soldiers are fighting in Vietnam, they think about everything they are going through and everything/ everyone they might lose. Some don't know why they came into the war, and others chose to enter into the war. They never know if they will make it out alive but they always hope.