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"New Day for Northeastern Region" - Jeff Ney- Region President

It’s a new day for Northeastern Region and my desire and drive to make our region the best it can be is stronger than ever. My goal for our region is very simple; to represent the members of the Northeastern Region with the same effort, enthusiasm, and pride as I would want someone to represent me. The golden rule is not something that I simply teach to my 5th grade students, but is what I try to live by in everything I do.

Our region is already strong, there is no question about that. We have great leaders in our locals and good participation from most of our membership. This is why I am honored to hold this office; because I am impressed with what this region has to offer and I absolutely love being a part of it.

If there was anything that I could ask this membership to improve upon, it would be to help our members become engaged a little bit more, from local meetings to our region functions, like the Gettysburg Leadership Training. Everyone understands that the more engagement we have from our members and the more knowledge everyone has, the more it will help all of us in every aspect of teaching. This will lead to a membership that can help our students succeed and will strengthen NER in all other areas.

Members, the last thing I would really want all of you to know about me is that I will do my very best to help and support you to be the best educator for the students you serve.

We have all made the decision to be public school employees for reasons far more important than fame and money. We all care deeply about the job we do and the students we see every day. I just want to work together with all of you, to continue making our region a great asset to all our communities.

Thank you for all you do!

PSEA Northeastern Region

Jeff Nye -President

Heather Wertman-Vice President

Aaron Chapin- Treasurer