Unit 4 Smore Presentation

The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner (book)

By James Dashner


Thomas wakes up in complete darkness. He hears a loud siren somewhere around him and has the sensation that he is moving. He is confused because he cant remember anything! Not where he came from, who his parents are or even his age. As time passes on Thomas feels the moving sensation come to a complected stop. He is greeted by some strangers telling him he is in a maze, and that their goal is to get out of it. the next day the only girl to arrive arrives and Thomas can speak with her telepathically. Thomas and the girl find out how to solve the maze but many get killed on their way out. Thomas remembers that the he designed the maze and hates himself for it. As he escapes the maze he meets his co-workers. WICKED, he trained them, all to try and find a cure for something... he just couldn't remember what