Aubrey Grace

About Me

I'm a Junior @ North Springs High School
My favorite classes at school are my dance classes
I take most of my academic courses via GAVS

This is my second year taking courses online with GAVS
I plan on pursuing a career in medicine

I'm still deciding which college I want to attend

I am hoping to expand on what I learned in AP bio last semester

I am very involved in theater and dance

I work at a theater helping teach dance and theater classes

Come see our next show

Brighton Beach Memoirs

By Neil Simon

January 23-February 2, 2014

This classic coming-of-age comedy introduces us to the witty Eugene Jerome, a 15 year old growing up in Brooklyn in the heart of the Great Depression. Said to be Neil Simon’s most auto-biographical work, the play follows Eugene’s misadventures in an over-crowded house.