Southridge High School Newsletter

December 2016

Happy Holidays!

The staff of SHS wishes each student and family and wonderful holiday season. Enjoy spending time with each other, relax, be safe, and we'll see you in 2017!

Students of the Month



Ugly Sweater Contest

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A few of the lovely sweaters...

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Runner up -Colin Smith and Winner -Ross Eckert

Build a Basket

Students helping load up "some" of the build a baskets!

Kortland Hartke, Sam Lange, Justing Lammers, and Seth Nunamker.

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Southridge High School has been working on aiding students in studying for and improving on the ACT and SAT. The following are several options made available to all students: through the north hallway we have ACT and SAT wall decor which not only depicts the importance of such tests, but also has weekly questions made available for students to practice. Answers are then posted on Friday of each week to check for understanding. Ms. Hasenour has hosted 7:00 a.m. morning sessions to study for the math portion of the test. She offers these sessions when students make requests for additional help. Also, Ms. Hasenour has google classrooms set up for both the ACT and SAT math portions. These classrooms contain links to websites where students can receive extra help for studying, example practice tests in pdf format from Khan Academy and the Collegebooard which can be printed, and detailed answer keys for each of the tests in pdf format so that students may check their answers.
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Winter Homecoming 2017-

Congratulations to the following students for being selected by their peers to represent them in the basketball homecoming January 20th.

Seniors: Xiomara Deno, Leah Diekhoff, Catie Fleming, Kendyl McKeough, Rosa Nunez, Mason Herron, Jack Michel, Tristen Miller, Isaac Nunamaker, Harrison Steckler.

Juniors: Loren Abell, Molly Jochem, Kenzie Lubbehusen, Blane Buse, Jose Chavez, Thilo Rosbach

Sophomores: Amelia Eckert, Kenzie Neukam, Carson Mundy, Seth Nunamaker

Freshmen: Koby Jones & Kort Gerber

Crown & Ball Carrier: Hadley Denu & Clay Sickbert

SHS Band

SHS Band will host the ISSMA Instrumental District Solo & Ensemble Festival on Saturday, January 28, 2017. Both SMS & SHS buildings will be used for this event.

Band and Choir Christmas Concert

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FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

The Southridge High School FCA hosted a competitive and fun-filled game of Christmas Charades Monday, December 12th in the auditorium. Three teams were headed by our FCA Exec Team officers, Harrison Steckler, Justin Reed, and Jayce Harter. The spirited event came down to the wire. In the end, Team Harter and Team Reed were announced as the winners. Christmas Charades involved actions like building snowmen, catching snowflakes on tongues, and baking Christmas cookies. Overall, it was a nice last gathering before the holiday break.

It's a Win, Win

So far, the waste of 4,177 plastic bottles has been eliminated by students using the water bottle filler. Students are helping the environment by eliminating waste and are also helping themselves by making the healthy choice of drinking water.
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Media Center NEWS

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Check out this brief video clip called "Getting Creative with Makerspaces" to learn a little more about makerspaces in a high school library setting.
New Jersey High School Getting Creative With Makerspace

Need a book recommendation???

Check out the following website to find a good book for you. Simply type in the title or author's name of a book you've liked and similar books will be recommended.

Book Swap

All students were invited to participate in the Book Swap. It was a great way for students to get their hands on a "new" book.
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Winner, Winner!

Congrats to Cynthia Robertson, the winner of the table top tennis game! Every student that checked out or renewed books throughout the month were entered into the drawing.
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A big THANKS to The Herald Endowment of Literacy in Honor of A.T. and Cecilia Rumbach of the Dubois County Community Foundation for the $100.00 grant for our school library. We plan to spend the money on new books that the students have already recommended.

Chess Tournament

Coming in January -16 participants will be playing for the title! The bracket will be displayed outside the library throughout the tourney.

World Book Online-

The Huntingburg Public Library's World Book subscription has recently become more user friendly for both students and teachers. As of last week, the subscription is now open to anyone with the universal user name/password and a library card number is NO LONGER required.

For access to World Book Online and the Huntingburg Public Library subscription, type in a browser or access from your preferred method. At home, type in the above and enter:

USER NAME: huntingburg