The only way is UP and Forward

Overcoming and Coping with an Accident

How it all happened

The region of the brain that was damaged and how the damage occurred.

Cingulate Gyrus Neuroanatomy has been damaged. The patient was involved in a single car accident being passenger she was intoxicated as well as the driver, both survived however she was not wearing her seatbelt and suffered head/ brain injuries as well as cosmetic skin tissue damage.

Questions Anyone?

Questions that the medical professional will address.

Will the patience have a chance of regaining her previous state of mind, demeanor?

Will other functions of the brain become damaged over time?

Will this cause any psychological damage due to drastic changes and potential impact of quality of life?

So whats different now??

Behavioral Changes from before:

Worrying holds onto hurts and thoughts (obsession) from the accident and moments before.

Chronic neck pains, and demeanor has become argumentative and uncooperative, and developed addictive behaviors (eating pains medications and alcohol)

Not willing to compromise, she carries a negative demeanor

Treatment Options

Anti-depressant medication some anti – obsessive medication.

Therapy by explaining the cingulate system to the patient and helping her cope and understand whats happening.

Chiropractic Care & Physical Therapy, (helps with confidence and recovery)