St. Peter Museum of World History

Inventors and Inventions of the Renaissance

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo is one of the best inventors in history but he had very little affect on his era. This is because most of his inventions were drawings that lead to many future inventions. One of his inventions was a self driven cart that was driven by a spring but it could only turn right. Also he had an idea of a machine gun with muskets.

Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg is famous for creating a way to mass produce the movable type using ha sort of metal alloy and oil-ink. The problem Gutenberg had was that he didn't copyright or patent he ideas because they didn't exist. Because of this, his idea was stolen and he never made any money from it.

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Galileo Galilei

Galileo Galilei is famous for greatly improving the telescope. He had heard about dutch spy glasses but had never actually seen one. The first telescopes were about know to magnify by about three, but Galileo's were know to magnify by about 20.

Thomas Savery

Thomas Savery is most famous for inventing the Steam Engine. In 1966 he completed a working steam engine and got it patented. His engine had a boiler that was heated to make steam an this steam was covered into work or the force that did something.

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