1. Houses in the Middle Ages

Houses were used for shelter

2. house: A building in which people live; residence for human biengs.

Alot of medieval homes were cold, damp,and dark. For security purposes there were only small peaks of light due to the wooden shutters. Their small windows kept people from looking in their homes. You may be wondering what kind of material they use? Most people used clay to make small homes.

3. The main people involed in houses.

The main people involved in houses were lords, vassels, knights, and pesants. Lords owned land and gave their land to the vassels. Vassels gave their land to knights and serfs. peasants did all the manual labor . Knights protected the land in exchange for food and shelter. That is how people are involved in houses.

4. Two statements.

"Most medieval homes were cold, damp,and dark" [Learner.org].
"Many peasant families ate,slept,and spent time together in their very small quarters" [Learner.org]

5. Two questions

What was peasants jobs?
Who was the security on the land?

7. What I think

I think that land was evenly distributed by all the classes.
I think that it was hard to be a serf or knight.

8. Justin Jaynes 5th period