Your VMBA Member Coupon

The 2013 Riding Season is Going to be Amazing!

Thank you for your willingness to support the Vermont Mountain Bike Association through sponsoring member benefits. This document outlines where we are at present with benefits and shares a few things you need to double check to be sure we have represented your offer perfectly.


We have our partners in place and the coupons have been designed. Today or Monday you will receive a draft of your coupon(s) for your final approval. Please be sure to double check the following:

* Have we used the correct logo (we really need original logos)

* The correct discount/deal/offer stated on the coupon?

* Is all exclusionary language stated accurately and clearly?

* Keep in mind, VMBA's membership calendar is April 1 to April 1. Dates are important.

Coupon Redemption

In order for anyone to redeem your coupon, they must have the physical coupon in hand at the time of purchase. No coupon = no deal. If anyone takes exception to this feel free to send them my way.

Please, if possible, hold on to the redeemed coupons so we all can track which are most popular. This information can help others generate more traffic in future years and promote our being creative as community promoting riding in Vermont.

In the inside cover of the coupon book will clearly state how coupons can be redeemed along with some VMBA background.

Timeline from Here

Ideally, everyone will have their coupons by Monday. Please do your best to have any feedback returned to me by Friday the 11th. We plan to go to print the week of the 14th.

VMBA will begin selling membership in mid-February.

Help Promote!

It will require our collective access to social media to bring attention to the new program. I would be grateful if we all can jump in on this front. Please consider utilizing the following on everyone's behalf:

* Facebook pages

* Shop/association newsletters

* Hanging a VMBA poster(s) in your shop

* Web site linking visitors to

* Your local paper, radio and other promotional avenues

Please be in touch with other opportunities you would be willing to share with VMBA. Together, we're going to make this incredible. VMBA is leveraging every partnership we have to bring traffic to your shop. Stay tuned to this winter, which will promote our "preferred industry partners."

Have a Question?

Please be in touch if you have any questions.

Tom Stuessy