Koneru Prasad Profile

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Koneru Prasad Profile

Mr. Prasad R. Koneru is a first generation businessman & founder of Trimex Group - an Indian trans-national mineral & mining company for over three decades now, that has a turnover over USD 500 million. As a Strategic expansion the Group is investing USD 150 million in a next-generation-technology, titanium based mineral processing plant, which has tremendous world wide prospects in critical applications in the future.

With Mr. Prasad’s deep sense of understanding of major opportunities in various verticals, the Group is foraying into real estate & infrastructure, with a specific purpose of developing integrated townships matching international standards in India. His vision has seen the birth of a Master Development Company called RAKINDO - a JV between Trimex Group & RAKEEN – a real estate company promoted by the Government of Ras Al Khaimah. RAKINDO has projects on hand to the value of USD 2.5 Billion to be implemented in the next 3 to 5 years.

A keen golfer himself, Mr. Prasad promotes Golf in India by including a Golf Course in each of his projects & also promotes, a green environment at every opportunity.

Mr. Prasad, plays a key role to promote Andhra Pradesh in the Gulf region where he has established strong contacts with the ruling families. He has played a key role, to bring investments worth over a billion dollars into Andhra Pradesh from the UAE. He has played a major role behind the scene to bring the Emirates Airlines to Hyderabad, thus bringing an awareness to the foreign airlines about the importance of Hyderabad as an international destination.

It is to his credit that Mr. Prasad was the Chief Patron and prime organiser of the, successful ‘World Telugu Conference’, held during May 2006 at Dubai, single handed, thus bringing all Telugus in the Gulf Region under one umbrella.

Mr. Prasad is a philanthropist, with a kind heart that reaches to the poor and needy as aptly seen by his various activities. The Charitable Trust that he has set up does yeomen service by focusing on providing primary healthcare to the poor & needy and is setting up a Cancer Hospital in Vijayawada & a Community Centre in Srikakulam for benefit of the poor.

Mr. Prasad wouldn’t have been able to achieve all this without the strong support of his better half Mrs. Vimala Devi & his three sons & four grand children who continue to be a great source of inspiration to him in all his activities.