What's Up, Mesopotamia?

A Special Edition on the Trade of Trading

The Controversial Rip-Off

Did you hear the news? 18-year-old Baytnar went to the Southern Market hoping to get 1 processed shekel of silver. Little did 15-year-old Ushna know how he was getting ripped off by Baytnar. They traded 1 shekel of silver for 9 stalks of barley. Ushna was hesitant in the beginning, but when Baytnar started talking about how good and fresh the barley was and how much it was worth, Ushna said yes. We asked the commoners of Sumer last week to give us some input.

"I think this was very unfair. 9 bundles of

barley would be more fair for a shekel of silver.

I think the trade was very unfair and Baytnar

should be hung and buried."

-Professor in the art of Cuneiform

"I think the trade would be fair because you can

do a lot with silver and you can bake things with

barley so it's fair."

-Professor in the art of Teaching

These were some of our favorite votes and we have the results. The results were 76% people thought the trade between Baytnar and Ushna was unfair. 24% said it was. You heard it right here, folks. The trade between Baytnar and Ushna was UNFAIR.

-Written by Elianka LaCrifca

Quit Wining!


Have you ever wondered why wine was so expensive? I'll tell you. You start of by getting grapes. They can't be too ripe and they can't be ripe enough because that will ruin the wine. Bad weather can ruin things completely. People then sort the grapes by good condition and rotten and eaten. People then remove the stems and crush the grapes completely or a little. They then get put into a fermentation vessel. A fermentation vessel is a tank that breaks down bacteria and other small particles. Red wine is fermented by the skin. White wine is pressed. Men then mix up the juices and the fermented product. They introduce wine to oxygen to mix up the yeast. They are then moved to barrels and sold in trade. That is why wine is so expensive because it takes a long process.

-Written by Laurennkeek Scatifna

Top 5 Cray Cray Things to Trade Trade

  1. Precious Stones
  2. Precious Metals
  3. Oils
  4. Beer
  5. Logs

-By Laurenkeek Scatifna

Trade Track

Currently, most of the barley and corn is growing in Nineveh where it is nice and moist. Horses and cows are in Uruk being milked and ridden for herding cattle. They are available for ordering. Silver and gold is being mined currently in Ur. Onions (on the right) can be found in the Central Market because they were just harvested. Inform us for any of the items listed.

-Editor Laurennkeek Scatifna


Thursday, Nov. 21st, 3:15am

Central Market

Donate unwanted food to the poor this weekend at the Central Market! We give the poor a huge feast. Bring your slaves because we'll feed them too! Anyone who donates will receive a thank you pin! Drop of your food today!

-Ad by Elianaka LaCrifica

Rumor Has It: Alleged Wife Swap in Sumer?

We have heard of trading onions, corn, wheat, but wives? We have heard rumors about people swapping wives but who started this trend? We have walked around Sumer and saw people we saw the day before with different women around them. We have talked to these people and here are some of the answers, "This is my sister," and,"I have always had the same wife and you can't accuse me of anything!", is what people have said. So is this true? Inform us if you have any information.

-By Elianka LaCrifica

Banquet Near the Central Ziggurat

All of the new shipments coming in such as corn, wheat, peas, barley, onions and more are going to be at a banquet near the central ziggurat on Sunday. We will hold games, raffles, and most importantly, food! We hope to see you at the banquet. The first 5 people receive a special prize!

-Ad by Elianka LaCrifica

Loosened Dock!

On Sunday, a new stock of wheat, barley, silver and, gold came to a dock to unload to trade. When they put there stock onto the dock, it fell right through into the sea and washed away with the current. Specialist have come to look at why their faithful dock had collapsed and the cause was clear. Someone came and chipped away at the the mud bricks to make them weak so they would fall through. When the unloaders looked at the water, something pulled the stock under water. We suspect someone set this up so they would have things to trade. If you have any information, please inform us.

-Written by Laurenkeek Scatifna

Horse For Sale!

Sweet Palomino, Quarter Horse with a passion for jumping and herding. His name is Sonny and he's 15.1 hands high and 5 years old. Can do anything from take you around Sumer to a ride to work. Willing to trade horse for 14 stalks of barley and 2 shekels of silver. Trade for him now! Inform us if so.

-Laurenkeek Scatifna

Day In the life of a Merchant

A day in the life of Arkar

8:00 AM Wake up and get ready for trading

8:30 AM Set up shop

9:00-11:00 AM Try to trade all the food

11:00 AM- 12:30 PM Lunch

12:30-4:30 Try to trade all of livestock, furniture and, supplies

4:35 Go home

We asked Arkar if her rather do anything besides trading. "I wouldn't do anything besides be a merchant because it runs in the family and I trade daily needs for MY daily needs and some times I get really good deals depending on how desperate people are," said Arkar. We asked him what his best deal was. "My best deal was when a boy named Baytnar for 3 shekels of silver and he gave me 4 corns on the cob," said Arkar. Looks like Baytnar is back to his tricks on Arkar!

-Written by Laurenkeek Scatifna

Laurenkeek Ashtifka Scatifna

Laurenkeek is a talented editor, dancer, and horse rider. She loves to write and works hard. When she was little, her mom hired a person to teach her how to write and she fell in love with it. She is happy being the head editor of "What's Up, Mesopotamia?"

Elianka Sarushna LaCrifica

She is a talented dancer and writer and was taught along with Laurenkeek. She is happy living the life of an editor. She loves what she does and has fulfilled her dream of writing.