Student Portfolio

Agasch Kanagasabai


My name is Agasch. Today I'll be presenting my portfolio.

Background Info

There are 5 people in my family. I'm a food fanatic and I tend to be very active as much as I can. For example, I go to Tae-Kwon-Do, play a variety of sports once in a while and I walk to school. I don't have a grandma (mom' mom) and grandpa (dad's dad). I have 2 younger sisters. My father works at a food factory named Give and Go. My mother works at a Daycare Center named Kids Kingdom. I like to ask lots of questions and I'm a person who post pones assignments at the very last minute. My ambition and goal I'm striving for is to be a Pediatrician. So, I can at least fulfill my mother's ambition.
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Schools I have enrolled in:

Driftwood Public School ~ Brookview Middle School ~ Castlemore Public School ~ Castlebrooke Secondary School (Now)

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In this semester I'm grateful to have 5 teachers who are very supportive and adequate in our progress and success. I'll like to thank those individuals for their efforts and time being here for us. Ms. Wallis (History Teacher), Ms.Yaroski & Mr. Garison (Credit Recovery Teacher), Mr. Angelkovski (Construction Technology Teacher) & Mr. Anusic (Math Teacher). Thank You all !


Last year, in Construction I thoroughly enjoyed the course and liked using the equipment's provided for us. So, I decided to take Grade 10 Construction Technology that year. When I first started my first assessment I really struggled and thought I wasn't capable to use the machines and tools. However; Mr. A was there for everyone. So, with his efforts and my partner, we were able to finish the assessment on time. When we moved along in the course I was very confused and started to ask dumb simple questions that I can solve by myself. There were people that were there help. My peers, thank you for your all your help in this course. Some machines I really was comfortable using was the Router, Miter Saw, Drill Press and Sander. With the other machines I struggled and needed assistance. At the end of the course there were lots of ups and downs at the end I've learned a lot.
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Ontario Essential Skills Passport

Reading Text

To enhance my learning and vocabulary I read a wide variety of novels. Mostly adult novels.


To improve my writing skills I need research new vocabulary/terms and when I spare time I write my own creative news article, SOP, Essays, etc.

Computer Use

In Construction, we leaned how to use a new program called AutoCAD to design layouts for our assignments.

Oral Communication

One of my weak area is Oral Communication. I struggle to communicate with others to express an opinion or variety of purposes. For example, during any presentation I don't provide good eye contact with the viewers.

Money Math

To use my mathematical skills and improve them, during in the summer I worked at my uncle's shop. Once in a while, I assist/help my dad with payments.

Contact Info


Phone #: 905-915-1546