Web Designer Mini Project

By Logan & Justin Period 5


- Bachelor's degree, usually in computer science and experience as a computer programmer or graphic design.

- Top school out of state Santa Clara University

- Top school in state Arizona State University

- Average in state university's cost to graduate with a bachelor's degree is $22,203

- It takes 4 years at least to get a bachelor's degree

- You can acquire a bachelor's degree by being a web designer


- Web Designer, developer, writer and producer

- Corporate, Agency/firm work, freelance

- On average $44,684 per year


- Html,CSS

- They need to be able to be able to have project management

- Be able to work long hours

- Audio & Video, Design for mobile devices & emerging technologies, Web page scripting and experience design

Concluding Thoughts

- You can work whenever you feel like it during the day

- Higher income, Production of high technology

- Yes, because this is a very creative job and make a decent amount of money doing something you enjoy.

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