A 2nd or...3rd child army

Paul the great

A 2nd or... a 3rd?

As of now there has been a breach from What it appears to be 3rd children who are part of a privie army and want rights, leader jen Thomas started this all cause of government laws including books that were made by the governor .The leader hacked secdules for guards so her and the army to infiltrate public property. Were did she all of those weapons? Well we don’t know where but heres some weapons that were reconized by civilians an RPD, AN-94, AK-47, classic M16A1, berrent M82A1 50.cal, L85, and with baynets, RPG-7, M60E4, MP7, and MG36. These aren’t the civilian prof weapons, luckly the Canadian army is on there way to rescue the president as well

7H3 SL4y3r will come in handy

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