ice skating

Maor Bokobza and Noa Gal

Skate on ice, it will be nice!

Ice-skating is an artistic sport.

It's important to skate because it helps the skaters balance and stability, coordination, sportsmanship and the physical fitness.

This sport is for everyone, it's for kids, families and friends so you will have fun with every one you want.

The ice skate has special shoes whith a blade, and this sport is played on ice. Furthermore, Unlike other sports which have just one person or groups and teams, the ice-skating has also pairs.

That way you can do this sport with a good friend or a relative and it will be very fun!

An example for ice skaters athletes is Alexandra and Ronan Zaretsky who went and won many competitions.

A world record was by Yohan Olav Kos who won three gold medals in one competition of fast skating, every time by broking a world record.

Skate on ice, it will be nice!

Piczar41: Silja's competition routine, January 17 2009
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