By: Lauren Hess

Should Parents have a choice to get their child vaccinated?

I think parents shouldn't be permitted to opt out of required vaccinations for their children. Tons of parents think vaccinations are unsafe for their children but I do not agree with that. Vaccinations are not only safe, but they also save lives. Without vaccinations children all over the world will be put in danger. Even though they might seem scary or dangerous, the most danger is the virus you and your children will get if you are not vaccinated.


  • Getting vaccinations decreases the risk of disease
  • vaccinations help create a better immune system and allows it to fight off certain viruses
  • vaccinations allow your body to fight off viruses and bacteria
  • it reduces the deaths from diseases
  • without vaccines children are put in danger and it could even belief threatening
  • "vaccinations do more good than they do bad"(Offit)


  • Not everyone who is vaccinated for a virus becomes immune to that virus
  • Vaccine risks are different for each child
  • "Inflexible vaccine mendates threaten the health of these children" (Perry)


Vaccinations provide a way to stop viruses. People are on edge on the way it is done though. Some people think it is safe while others think it is too risky and dangerous. Some even start groups to go against vaccinations. The fight keeps going on and on and yet there is no real answer. Do you think you should get your children vaccinated?