Madison Warlick

Internship - Performance Place Physical Therapy 2018

My Physical Therapy Experience

This year I was able to complete my high school internship in Physical Therapy at Performance Place. The experience added to my educational learning and was a valuable opportunity. I was able to do multiple roles while working at Performance Place. For example, I worked individually with patients to run through exercises when we were busy, also I was able to see the complete process from the intake of a new patientes to completing their therapies. I did gain additional skills like making an ice bag for sore muscles, how to wrap it, prepare heat packs for particular injuries. That might sound simple but for example, if this is required for someone's knees I have to set up the table in a particular way, then get two different heat packs with an extra layer to ensure it is not to sensitive. Time management was another skill that was necessary. It was not hard to keep track of patients because they were on time schedules of when they came in and things were done in a sequence. Patients did not have to leave until their 15 minutes of ice was complete. I felt very comfortable with the supervisors and it was easy to talk to them. I could ask for help and they always explained new information to me. They staff would also take the time to explain how the muscles worked and why they did certain exercises. It was easy to communicate and plan the days I would come for extra time. I developed close relationship with the patients and the other workers around me. They staff gave me insight into the Physical Therapy career field. I also enjoyed talking with the patients. I thought it was impressive how everything is organized and how they can get to all their patients in enough time. What impacted me the most is the amount of knowledge they know and how the patient comes from surgery with a long recovery and by the end can be completely healed. I loved the atmosphere and loved learning from them each day. Often they would take me aside and work particularly with me so I get a better understanding of each area. I think I can see myself doing this job but I also have interest in being a Physician Assistant in Sports Medicine. I hope I can shadow that field to gain knowledge in this area to see if it is something I would like to do. I am really glad I had this experience to help me see what I choices I have as I move forward into college. I really love interact with people and that is what I will look forward to the most.