Christopher Paolini

Will Eragon make it through his crazy adventure, or will he be the last rider? read Eragon to find out.


A teenage boy hunting in the forest is presented with what he thinks is a polished stone but he soon finds out that it isn't an ordinary stone. It is an egg to a large fire breathing beast that he names Saphira. Shortly after finding the dragon hatches Ra'zac appear and try to steal Saphira and bring it to the king but, they aren't able to accomplish the job and run away so Eragon tracks them down to get revenge.


This novel takes place in a small valley where Eragon lives. It also goes into the Beor mountains were he meets the dwarves and varden.

People magazine

"Christopher Paolini makes literary magic with his precious debut."

The New York Times book review

"An authentic work of great talent I found myself dreaming about it at night, and reaching for it as I woke."

Publishers Weekly

"An auspicious beginning to both career and series."

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Eragon (Trailer 2006)

Final Reflection

  • What was the best part of this novel?
The best part of the novel was when Eragon fought the shade because right when most people think it is hopeless for him, Saphira saves the day by crashing through the ceiling and distracting Durza.

  • What might be some possible themes in this novel?
A theme for the book would be fiction since magic and dragons arent real and the book probably never happend.

About the Author

Christopher Paolini was nineteen years old at the time of the book. He lives in Paradise valley, Montana were he is coming up with more ideas for books. the next book he created is Eldest which is book 2 in the seires.

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