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Social Media and Five Things Most Teens Want

Social media — some people love it, some hate it, others don't know much about it. Well, no matter what reaction you have to it, it is here to stay. So how do we navigate the ever-changing world of social media when it comes to our kids? I don't have all the answers but over the next several weeks I plan to share ideas and strategies that I gained from a book I read this summer, Social Media Wellness by Ana Homayoun. In it, the author discusses five things most teens want and how social media impacts them.

Most teens want to ...

  1. Do well in school

  2. Excel in sports or extracurricular activities

  3. Have more time for friends/family/pets/hobbies

  4. Develop stronger relationships with friends/family and/or make new friends

  5. Get more sleep

Now, I am guessing most items on that list are not shocking to you. So we know our teens want these things, how do we help them achieve them? Over the next few weeks, I want to help provide actionable strategies outlined in the book that you can use today to help the teen in your life get more of the items listed above.

Many times we want things to change, but without a plan followed by action, it’s impossible to see the results we want. We say, "I’ll get to it tomorrow" but never do. I hope you’ll consider talking to your teen about these strategies. If implemented, you will see change and results. I have been applying many of the strategies in my own life to help me grow as a husband, dad, and principal. Maybe you’ll find them useful, too.

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