Dunes And Maritime Forests

Made by: Allen Figueroa and Armando Hernandez

Sandy Sandy

If you like sandy islands, then this is the environment to go to. Here we got linear barrier islands and some other shorelines along the coastline such as sandy capes. Sandy capes usually contain parallel zones of upper beach, which cause undulating foredune, transition, and stable dune.


  • terrestrial - landforms.

  • agriculture - The science or practice of farming.

  • urbanization - population shift from rural to urban areas.

  • ecosystem - a biological community.

The living to the nonliving

They're are not a lot of consumers or big animals in the environment, but here is a picture with all of them.
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Human Impacts

Some of us humans hunt the animals or destroy the plants so they get extinct really quickly. Some of them are Development of beach front, which makes everything wet and sticky and is horrible for animals. Also exotic plants such as Australian pine, Brazilian pepper, and sisal have also been a serious problem.
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Biotic Factors

  • Turtles
  • Mole crab
  • Prairie sunflowers
  • Blowout grass
  • Fish in Water
  • Indian rice grass
  • Scurfpea (A type of shrub)
  • Dunes tiger beetles
  • Birds like Herons
  • Loggerhead sea turtle
  • Western sandpiper

Abiotic Factors

  • It is an aquatic ecosystem
  • The type of rock is sandstone which is broken up by erosion to create sand
  • The high would be around 80 degrees and the low of 70 degrees