Ash Pile Times

How I Saw It News

Perspective: George

Event: George shoots Lennie

So we was at the ash pile that that we made when we was eating some beans and I though about how much Lennie will get hurt and tortured by Curly. So since I care about Lennie I thought I should shoot the poor bastard. I told Lennie to sit and look at the mountains while I told him about the 10 acres we would have and the farm and the stove and tending the rabbits. I heard the pound of horseshoes ans the yelling of the men coming closer to us so I had to suck it up and get it over with. Lennie said his last words "And I get to tend the rabbits" and that's when I pulled the trigger and shot him ending his future of horror.

Letter To the Boss

Dear Boss,

The Great Depression is really lowering the hopes of a lot of people. The jobs are falling, the stock market is crashing, and people are getting hungrier day by day. The rate of crime has completely blown up because people are desperate for money and not because they just want money its because people can barely survive in all this hard time. There are so many okies now because we are all trying to look for money because we can barely feed ourselves.



News article

Event: Breaking of curleys arm

Who: Lennie and Curley

What: Lennie squeezed Curleys hand so tight that blood flew out

When: The night that George came back from out of town

Where: In the bunkhouse

Why: Curley started Fighting Lennie and George gave Lennie permission to fight Curley

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Lennie obituary

Lennie was a good man. He was in a sort of brotherhood with George until he died a death that only a real friend would receive. He wasn't that right but he was a great worker. He could lift sacks of barley without breaking a single sweat. But most of all, he had a dream, about a nice place that was ten acres and he got to tend the rabbits, but the dream died when he died.

Curley's wife obituary

Curleys wife wasn't such a bad woman, she just wanted some attention and a friend to talk to. Everyone at the ranch thought she was a tart because of how much she was talking to the guys but really she was a girl looking for a friend. She also had a dream of being a Hollywood star and being in the movies but her parents never supported her.
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