Successfully Homeschool

through high school!!

Join us to learn how you can give your student a great homeschool experience all the way through high school!

The Challenge Years – Learning Together
(In a Stick in the Sand, State of Rest, sitting at the feet of Jesus kind of way)
Join us to learn how you can give your student a great high school experience!

Classical Conversations plants and supports local communities of like-minded families that meet weekly for academics, support, and fellowship. Using the classical model, the Challenge program is designed to nurture a truly personal Christian worldview in your upper middle school through high school level student. You will find supportive mentors, encouraging peers, and challenging academic work.

*Are you concerned about the next step for your middle school student?

*Do you feel ill-equipped to teach your high school student?

*Are you thinking, “My child is in high school, so now it really counts! How will I give my child a quality high school education and prepare them for college?”

*Are you a mom of young children and want to know what’s ahead for them in their educational journey?

*Or maybe you have young children and high school isn’t on your mind yet.

Join us to learn how you can give your student a great school experience! This event is for everyone, no matter the age of your children or whether or not you are currently homeschooling. Learn about each Challenge level from an experienced Challenge Director.

Be encouraged and equipped to homeschool through high school!

Guest Speaker Lynn Doto!

Lynn Doto, our CC Regional Sales Director, lives in St Petersburg, FL with her husband of 25 years, their two sons and a mischievous labrador retriever. She cultivates her love of God’s creation by puttering in her butterfly garden and bird watching on sandy beaches. Spare moments are spent savoring dinners prepared by her husband, yearning a win on the tennis court, and pursuing the art of learning.

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Successfully Homeschool through high school

Tuesday, March 1st, 4-6pm

1449 Jupiter Park Drive

Jupiter, FL

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