Spring Break Challenge

Challenge optional, FUN mandatory

Have a FUN Spring Break

Enjoy your week off with your family. Remember to read every day, practice math skills every day and PLAY every day. : ) I am so excited to hear about your adventures over Spring Break - whether you travel or play in your yard, I know you will have stories to share. Be prepared to share when we return from Spring Break.


If you like, prepare something that will allow you to share your adventures with the class. It can be any type of product you choose - from photos, drawings, journaling to creating a digital product. The exciting thing is, you can share your adventures before we return! You can email Mrs. Gerdes or Mrs. Ortiz, post to your Kidblog, and/or post to our class Facebook page!

Create a Product of Choice (such as, but not limited to)

Polish Your Skills

Take time every day to practice math facts, read and play. Make a craft or practice an app. Get some exercise and relax. Enjoy time with your family and friends!

**Challenge is optional, FUN is mandatory**

Share your Creations

Remember you can share your creations on our Facebook page, post to Kidblog, or email Mrs. G. You can also choose to wait until we return to class and share on Monday.