Red Scarf Girl

by: Ji-Li Jiang

What is it about?

This book is about a young 12 year-old girl, Ji-Li Jiang, who at first, has everything she could ever ask for: smarts, popularity, a loving family, and a bright future in the communistic country, China. As soon as her school learns a little about her political background, intelligence becomes a crime, and her family’s life crumble at their feet. For the next three years Ji-Li Jiang and her family is humiliated and loathed by their friends, former friends, and close relatives. This memoir gives a child perspective view of the terrifying time of the Cultural Revolution and of one family’s determined courage under fire.

What's my opinion on the book?

I would not recommend you to read this book or buy it, only if you don’t enjoy books with sad and depressing endings. The people who would most likely enjoy reading these books are either: people who like sad books, people who enjoy autobiographies, and/or history related books. The beginning was a great, hooking beginning, and also it was very interesting. By the time you get closer to the end though, it starts turning toward the negatives and I totally lost interest was it got so sad.