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Why now? Why Beautycounter? Why does this matter?

1938: The last time a law was passed governing the safety of our products.

Think about that....

The last time our government set any safety standards regarding the chemicals we apply topically was BEFORE WWII. The post-it note was still 30 years from being invented. Dupont had just launched their new synthetic yarn; Nylon. The Fair Labor Standards Act was just passed which established minimum wage and a standardized work week. Hitler was on his rise to power and we had not yet dropped the atomic bomb. Oil was just discovered in Saudi Arabia. A house cost less then $4000, the average annual salary was $1,730 and gas cost 10 cents a gallon.

Our skin is our bodies largest organ. What are you doing to protect it?

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There are 80,000 chemicals registered for use in commerce - 90% have no health & safety data.

As our research and our knowledge evolve, shouldn't our standards evolve too?

Why is this a matter of crisis?

  • Today, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, up from 1 in 20 forty years ago
  • Approximately 90% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer do not have the BRACA gene (or cancer susceptibility genes)
  • Childhood cancers have increased 20% since 1975
  • Though risk factors are complicated and not fully understood, the National Academy of Sciences has determined that environmental factors contribute to 28% of developmental disorders in children.
  • Difficulty in conceiving and maintaining a pregnancy affected 40% more women in 2002 than in 1982
  • From 1982 to 1992, reproductive difficulty almost doubled in women ages 18-25
  • More than 200 synthetic chemicals, many known to be toxic, can be found in nearly all Americans, including newborns who are exposed to chemicals in utero
  • Today, girls are entering puberty earlier than a generation ago—in part due to exposures to endocrine disruptors (substances that can alter the body’s hormonal responses).26 • Early puberty puts girls are a higher risk for breast cancer later in life

The E.U. has banned 1400 chemicals that have been proven to be damaging to us and our children. The U.S. has banned 11.

Beautycounter has banned the use of 1500 commonly used chemicals from their products and as our research expands, so will our list. We work hard to screen EVERY ingredient so that you don't have to.

Beautycounter has the strictest safety guidelines in the United States!!! While there are many other companies making strides, Beautycounter has created and is leading the movement for SAFE products.

Your mom was right, safe is sexy! Beautycounter makeup was created by Hollywood makeup artist Christy Coleman. This high performing makeup was designed for build-able coverage and is worn on camera by Heidi Klum, Lauren Conrad and Alessandra Ambrosio just to name a few.

Are you familiar with a B Corp? Becoming a B Corporation in commerce is similar to becoming Certified Organic in agricultural. There is a multi step process and B corporations MUST maintain total transparency, work to minimize their carbon foot-print and run in the most ethical and environmentally responsible way possible. B Corporations put a heartbeat back into corporate America.

Remember: NOT every chemical is bad and NOT everything natural is good. We use science to define what is safe and what is not safe and we disclose every.single.ingredient to you, our end user. No trade secrets, no loop holes.

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"I like toxins in my beauty routine." - No one ever

What about the business?

Investing in anything new comes with uncertainty and risks. Make sure to consider the following:

1. Can I motivate myself to learn, grow and perform outside of a traditional 9-5?

2. Do I find passion in what I'm seeking to invest in?

3. Am I willing to step outside my comfort zone, learn a new skill and ask for help when I need it?

4. Will I be happy with a "you get out of it, what you put into it" role.

5. Do you like the support of a team cheering you on from the sidelines?

If your answer is "yes" then keep reading. If you honestly feel the answer is "no" then I'd love to have you as a customer but perhaps becoming a consultant (right now) isn't the right move for you and your family.

Beautycounter on the Today Show

Just another reason to visit Target

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For a limited time THIS SEPTEMBER, Beautycounter will be carried in ALL Target stores nation wide. This will be an amazing opportunity to mainstream our mission; getting safe products into the hands of everyone! This will be a short, limited offering, and when the products are gone, they are gone! Click here to learn more about this ground breaking partnership.

Do your homework:

This is a great article published by Linked In about the rise in both popularity and revenue in social selling. Either Facebook has ruined us - or helped us become more efficient; you choose. Regardless customers are increasingly purchasing from the convienence of their phones. Buyers are spending less time and less money inside traditional "brick & mortar" retail shops and like it or not, this is a trend that isn't going anywhere!

Beautycounter, which launched in 2013, posted a 325% growth. This article does a great job talking about that growth and how it landed the Capital Investor, TPG.

Currently Beautycounter offers 2 full skin care lines, an infant line, a kids line, a full makeup line and coming this fall, our teen line with a focus on re-balancing acne prone skin. This fall we will bring a men's line to market. This truly is a company the entire family can grow with.

The U.S. makeup & personal care industry is a 62.4 BILLION dollar marketplace. Just because you don't wear makeup doesn't mean you don't purchase something that contributes to this volume; shave cream, bar soap, shampoo, baby wash...and the list goes on. 15 years ago if you wanted organic foods you had to plant a garden. Today, Costco is the leading retailer of organic produce. Smoking rates are down, fitness is on the rise and "GMO" is Household terminology. We are evolving and this knowledge is shifting our buying patters and sellers are catching on. What would happen if you caught the wave on the way up, rather then jumping on at the top?

In The Press

Introducing Beautycounter

What if I don't know anything about sales?

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Sales is about two things:

1. Expert knowledge of your product

2. The ability to LISTEN to people

That's it! Sure there are great processes and strategies and steps - and you could spend an entire day on body language (and Beautycounter and your support team have some great sales tools to help you do this) but at the core of great sales are these two simple things; being an expert in your product and listening to the needs of your audience.

If you are passionate about what you're doing, if you become an expert in your product and if you listen to the needs of those you're talking to, then the words will find you. All you have to do is tell our story. In your own words tell people "why Beautycounter, why now, why does this matter". That's sales. No one wants to be "closed" or cornered or annoyed to the point of purchase, but people love it when you follow up, when you care, when you make sure they still love what they bought and when you help them find a solution if they don't. Sales is about taking care of people - I bet you're pretty good at taking care of those you love.

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For more information:

If you have specific questions or if you're ready to take a leap and you'd like me to help walk you through the process please reach out!

As a stay-at-home mom, Beautycounter has been great for me personally. Financially it's been great for my family and it's been a valuable addition to the world of all of my clients and their families. Let me help you find your path within Beautycounter.