Frederick Douglass

A great man

The Early Life of Fredrick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was born in Maryland in 1818, he was born into slavery. He was raised by his maternal grandmother. At a young age Douglass was chose to live at the home of a plantation owner one of whom could have been his father (

Frederick Douglass was Against Slavery

Frederick Douglass was against slavery because he was a escaped slave and his mother was a slave when he was born into slavery he was a slave since he was a 6 year old and finally escaped when he was a 20 year old when he escaped there were pictures of his back when he escaped and his back was torn to pieces(

A Escaped Slave

Accomplisments Douglass had Many

Frederick Douglass attended many rebellion meeting. One of his biggest accomplishment's is he received Abraham Lincoln's cane after he passed Mrs. Lincoln gave it to him in Washington DC in 1865