By:Mili Patel

Why are cachalots going extinct?(Inquiry question)

Cachalots are 40ft long, and they weigh 32,000 lbs. They have to hunt 3,000 meters deep in the ocean as they are very large. Although, they will sometimes lose their sense of direction and will enter the North Sea. The North Seas floor is only 200m deep, which is not deep enough for a cachalot, and they will wash up on the sandy banks of the beaches. When they wash up on the beach, their cardiovascular organs start failing, and they die.

Community impact

Many people have watched the news and wondered how do cachalots wash up on the beaches. I want to help those people know how they die, so maybe they could think of ways to help the cachalots, as they are going extinct.

Who is my mentor?

My mentors are some wildlife researchers, and a few news reporters.

Reasons I chose this project

I chose this project as I saw the story of a washed up cachalot on the news. I got really interested as the news channel had not said how it died, but only said that it died and washed up on the beach. I then started researching about this more and realized that they die after washing up on the beach, and not vice versa.


  1. First I researched the story
  2. I started making my presentation and researched while I made the presentation
  3. I got my final product


I learned a lot about cachalots already and I have just found out what they are. They are very interesting animals, but they are going extinct. I want everyone to try and help cachalots, as more than 15 whales have washed up on one single beach simultaneously. I want to learn more about them.