Get Ready to Party 7th Grade

The V.I.P. Crew

The Gig

By looking at the title, you guys right now you may be thinking "What are you talking about?" Well, here's the deal. Since you guys have been doing amazing, Mr. Vercher wants to throw you a hella party and from lots of researching, he's come to the conclusion that you guys would most likely want to have these things at a party if it's meant to be a GOOD party. Food (obviously) and BOUNCE HOUSES!!! So Mr.Vercher hired me to throw you guys the BEST PARTY OF YOUR LIFES.

The Two F's

The Food

I hope you like pizza because that's whats on the menu! If you look at the graph you can see that over time Pizza Palace becomes the Cheapest Palace of the land. Burger Bonznza is good for a few friends but for the entire 7th grade? I don't think so.This is why I choose the Pizza Palace. That way we can still have a good meal for everyone but not have empty pockets.

The Fun

Things are getting real with Jumpin' Jack's bouse houses. As seen on the graph, the more jump time we request the better the deal is with Jumpin' Jack's. Unlike Hoppin' Around with how it's good for a five year olds birthday party but not for an amazing party for the entire 7th grade. So this is my reasoning for chooseing Jumpin' Jack's.

The V.I.P. Crew

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