My Fitness Pal

The app that keeps track of your'e eating.

I would recommend this app to friends

It is a very good app to keep track of the amount of calories your'e eating. It also contributes the amount of exercise you do. My favorite feature is that it takes the amount of food, exercise, and average amount of calories you should be getting for your size, and tells you how many calories you should be eating. I would recommend this app to friends that are trying to keep track of there weight, gain weight, maintain weight, or even gain weight. This would benefit middle school students because you'll make sure you don't over eat or eat to much junk food.

This app is not the most user friendly app out there.

My least favorite part of this app is the sign up process. You have to sign up with a facebook or email, and you also have to add a phone number. zip code, and an age. Although you could make these things up, you still need to use something to sign up for the app. The app is free and there is no free version. So, there are no limitations. You can leave the app whenever you want and all data will be saved.