What is Poverty?

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What is Poverty?

Poverty is general state when one lacks a certain amount of money. Absolute Poverty is when one lacks the basic human needs.

What is the club for?

The club is to educate people about Poverty and how to help people escape Poverty. We plan to have a charity for the poor. Selling merchandise and having 90% of the funds going to charity.
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Some activities the club will do is feed the homeless. We would use the 10% of the funds for food for the people. We would also find homes for people on the streets to be sheltered from weather.

  • Community Charity
  • Shelter for the Homeless
  • Raising awareness for people in Poverty

When we finish the goals

We would see improvement in the city, the club would slowly grow and become a lot bigger. The club would have a lot more events and activities throughout the year. The homeless would be on their way escaping poverty.