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In September, the school counselors will be going into all K-5 classrooms to present an introductory collaborative classroom instruction lesson and will be talking about "peer mentoring". This lesson will consist of explaining or re-explaining the role of the School Counselor and how students can access their counselor. Classes will participate in a “team-building” or “getting-to-know-you” activity. It is important that each student knows what support their School Counselor can provide and September’s lesson begins to build a special relationship with students. Our second classroom lesson will focus on social skills, self-confidence, digital citizenship, and goal setting. Each grade level’s lessons will look different based on age and developmental maturity.

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About Us

The dynamic duo of Ms. Zamarripa and Mr. MacDougall (Mr. Mac) are very pleased to be kicking off another school year at Brown. Our goal continues to be one of positive relationship building with students, families, staff, and the community. By working collaboratively we hope to provide the best and most well-rounded counseling / guidance program possible to our students. This year we are super excited about all of the technology use occurring on our campus. We encourage everyone to visit the “Counselors’ Corner” section of the school’s website and to contact either counselor with any questions, concerns, or input.




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