Three sisters need love and a home

They're all great "mousers," healthy, sweet and spade

Where will they find love and a warm home next? Can you help?

Three beautiful, healthy, sweet sister cats are in need of a new home. They've lived on a farm since their early kitten days and that farm is now being dissolved and their home is no more. Raised with a dog, an older cat, lots of chickens and some wonderful pigs, they are all great mousers and have sweet temperaments.

While some cats are indoor-outdoor cats, these three are outdoor-indoor cats, spending most of their time outside hunting and enjoying trees to climb, grasses to hide in and chicken coops to nap in. They do need, of course, some indoor time, love, care and feeding. As they are sisters and littermates, the hope and desire is to keep them together, but trumping that desire is that they are all placed quickly in homes and live out the rest of their lives in the care of people; so if they need to be split to different homes, that can happen.

The farm is closing down in a couple/few weeks, so we need to find them homes as soon as possible.

Thanks for your help and support!

A Vine video of Annabelle and Flopsy