Summer is Coming

Trunks Up in May

Regional Staff Training Announcements

Travel Reimbursements- Please send me your travel reimbursements (available on Staff Corner) as soon as you get a chance, to be processed ahead of time. You will be reimbursed after successfully attending training.

Transport to Trainings- If you are flying into the area, please go to the the Forums on Staff Corner to log your arrival time. Many of you have reached out about transport to the campuses, I highly suggest using this thread as a place to connect to ride share/uber upon arrival.

Instructors- In order to be prepared, you should create a weekly outline on Game Plan prior to Regional Staff Training. I recommend doing this for the course you are scheduled to teach your first week of camp. Directions are in the "Going Through Game Plan" module of your Instructor Guide.

Speaking of Schedules- Most schedules are starting to go live this week. These are still not final and I expect minor changes to occur in the next couple of weeks. These are to give you an idea of what your summer will look like. Also important to note, some schedules are only partially live, more weeks will be published in the coming weeks as well.

Expectations- Come prepared to listen, absorb information, and ask a ton of questions! You will also get to meet a number of managers and staff from locations across the country. This weekend is your time to feel prepared and excited for the season ahead. It is the final step before we launch and I can not wait to meet you all!

As always, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions for me in the next few weeks.

Emailing Trunks? PLEASE READ

This time of year the emails are a-flowing! If you have a quick question feel free to send me a text for a quick answer. I want to be able to answer your questions and respond to your emails as soon as possible. And the last thing I want to happen is for your email to get buried under other emails! So, If you are emailing me please use a super secret password that will help bring their questions to the top of the list. All you have to do is include our codeword ELEPHANT in the subject line (example ELEPHANT- Question about Regional Staff Training) this will allow me to quickly see your email and respond within 24 hours.

Tech Coordinator

Many of you will receive an email this week with a Tech Coordinator offer letter. What is a tech coordinator? A Tech Coordinator is an extra instructor on site that help out but are not assigned a class or students that week. The pay is the same as an instructor position but it just gives your Director some extra help on site. If you get an email about this, please hop onto your job account and accept this offer when you get a chance.

If you have any questions about this, please reach out.

Management Spotlights

A quick hello and introduction from your Directors

Florida Atlantic University

Hi! My name is Jade (aka Chip) and for most of the year (and for the past 9 years) , I teach 4th grade math and science in Greenacres, FL. In my free time, I enjoy painting, crafts and learning new things. This is my first year with iD Tech and I am super excited! I can’t wait to meet the team in FAU this summer. I've heard so many great things about ID Tech and I look forward to experiencing camp life with you !

Georgia Institute of Technology

Hi! I'm Nicole (aka Ms. Frizzle). I'm excitedly awaiting my second Summer as the director of Alexa Cafe Georgia Tech. I spend my non-Summer months teaching elementary visual art, making art of my own, collecting plants, and cooking colorful meals for loved ones in West Palm Beach, FL. I am looking forward to meeting my new team as well as the future empowered, creative people of the future we'll have the privilege of calling our students this Summer!

Pine Crest School

Hello! I'm Sharlene aka Sharmander aka Child Whisperer aka best photographer ever! I am beyond excited to start the best job ever for the 2017 summer season! In the off season I am a dual language science teacher and have been teaching for the past 7 years. (Pretty much a Jedi master training our future generations for greatness.) In my spare time I love doing yoga, mountain biking , running , movies,and eating ( huge food HUGE) . I am confident that this summer will be epic and not only will the kids have the best week ever but the staff will have the best summer ever too at iD Tech Pine Crest !!!

"Yo, ID Tech locations , I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but iD Tech @ Pine Crest will have one of the best staff, campers, & experiences of all time" ::insert Kanye dropping the mic::

University of Miami

Hiya! I’m Nesquik, Nes for short, and I’ll be your director at UM this summer. I’m extremely excited to work and represent the Hurricanes (University of Miami’s football team, in case you don’t know) with pride while having the best summer with iD Tech! I was born and raised in south Florida and have traveled long mysterious roads to numerous iD locations. I am a fifth grade teacher and spend my time traveling, reading, checking out new local restaurants, and working out. I can’t wait to meet the UM Team and spend an awesome summer together.

University of North Florida

Hello iD! My name is Doc and this is my third summer with iD! I want to welcome the 2017 iD Tech staff at the University of North Florida. Our summer promises to be full of amazing projects, inspiring instructors, and of course motivated students and proud parents. So get your tech green together, brush up on those ice breakers/games, and get ready to 'Jax-up' the 2017 version of iD Tech summer camps in Florida's 'river city'!

Rollins College

Hey fam, my name is Bruce Wayne. This will be my 10th year with iD Tech. That's right, a decade of teaching at the best job ever. The kids absolutely love coming to camp and we provide an amazing experience and unforgettable memories. They talk about camp for years to come and how it was the best summer ever. A lot of campers even move on to become instructors themselves. We have 3 such staff members on our amazing team, I'm excited for everyone to meet them. This will be my 3rd year directing Rollins and it's going to be the best year yet.

** please see the end of this newsletter for an extra special Bruce Wayne message

Regional Staff Training- Here we Come!

No surveys here but a call to action for all staff. Please save my number (669)-237-7573 and send me a "Hey it's ____, ready for summer" text (as long as you have free texting!). This will be useful if you are running late for training, get lost, or have a quick question in the next few weeks!

A Very Special Bruce Wayne Message

Bruce Wayne